70% of homeowners don’t use the same Realtor on their next transaction.

We provide a tool that empowers your clients to build home wealth – in return, creating you repeat and referral business

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Statistics Resource: National Association of REALTORS®

Statistics Resource: National Association of REALTORS®

Does this sound like
your business?


Spending dollars on
marketing each year to
acquire new customers?


Not having proper systems
in place to stay in touch with
your past clients?

Wasting your time on leads
that have no intention of
using your services?


Losing your clients future
business to competitors?


Stressing about where your
next transaction will come

We hear you,
and you are NOT alone

Your lifestyle should not revolve around
constantly having to chase for new business.
Business should come to you!

See what our clients have to say

We have helped many
Realtors like you reclaim
their lifestyle

I got a listing the first month I started driving traffic to my landing page, I love that most of the heavy lifting is done for me.

Tim P.

Coldwell Banker


Once I uploaded my database I was about to get into some meaningful conversations about real estate and got 2 listings the first 60 days of using HomeIQ

Dmitriy D.

Realty One Complete


My clients love that I keep them informed about their house

Nikki E.

Re/Max Gold


What homeIQ can
do for you

Empower your clients to track and build wealth with their home

Position yourself as the trusted real estate expert by providing valuable home insights on how to increase their home’s wealth and save money

Connect with homeowners before they decide to sell their home

Provide homeowners instant access to net equity reports that show what their home is worth today and estimated fees associated with selling their home

Stay connected to your clients with automated CMA reports

Automated home valuations that work for you. Increase your repeat at referral business by instantly updating your clients of changes to their home’s value

Monthly pricing

All plans include a Free Trial

Unlimited homeowners
Manual data input
To unlock additional free features, you will need to invite your lender or find one in our network.
Unlimited homeowners
Automatic data calculations
Branded lead-gen website

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for the statistic

  • You don’t have to lose 70% of your clients to other realtors
  • You don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars each year to generate new business
  • Your time is valuable, don’t waste it chasing phony online leads
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